The faculty and staff at Belton Elementary School are committed to providing a safe, creative, and inspiring environment for ALL students.



Third Grade Teachers: 

  • Charlotte Albrecht email:
  • Tabitha Allen email:
  • Jennifer Dulin email:
  • Rashelle Jordan email:
  • Deanna Kroskie email:
  • Ashleigh Marcie email:
  • Marybeth Browning email:

Fourth Grade Teachers:

  • Tammy Rhodes email:
  • Audrey Axmann email:
  • Brooke Lance email:
  • Wanda Medlin email:
  • Ashley Melton email:
  • Shannon Thomas email:

Fifth Grade Teachers:

  • Kerry Anderson email:
  • Cassandra Stewart email:
  • Katlyn Gambrell  email:
  • Kelsey McMahan email:
  • Melissa Mitchell email:
  • Tracy Pruitt email:
  • Betsy Heintz email:

 Special Ed:

  • Robin Fish email: 
  • Lindsey Lane email:
  • Chad Love email:


  • Mrs. Leigh Watson, Reading Coach email:

 Special Area Teachers:

  • Charlie Davis, Physical Education email:
  • Gena Boggs, Music email:
  • Kristen Pack, Librarian email:
  • Ashley Doten, Guidance email:
  • Khadesia Latimer, Art email:
  • Rebecca Hegwood, Strings email:
  • Tonya Kobek, Speech email:

 Support Personnel:

  • Rita Pruitt, Teacher Assistant email:
  • Meagan Knight, Teacher Assistant email:
  • Kelly Justice, Media Center Assistant  email:
  • Karen Shiflett, Computer Lab email:
  • Tonya Dickerson, School Nurse email:
  • Heather Whitten, Teacher Assistant email: