The faculty and staff at Belton Elementary School are committed to providing a safe, creative, and inspiring environment for ALL students.



Third Grade Teachers: new 3rd grade teachers info is coming soon!

Fourth Grade:

Fifth Grade:

  • Kerry Anderson email:
  • Jess Gaughan email:
  • James Lies email:
  • Kelsey McMahan email:
  • Melissa Mitchell email:
  • Tracy Pruitt email:
  • Katlyn Sommer email:

 Special Ed:

  • Angela Grell email:
  • Lindsey Lane email:
  • Chad Love email:
  • Jennifer Stamps email:


  • Allison Abbott email:
  • Lorena Newton email:

 Special Area:

  • Carla Billings, Physical Education email:
  • Gena Boggs, Music email:
  • Kate Byrd, Librarian email:
  • Adam Cobb, Gifted & Talented email:
  • Ashley Doten, Guidance email:
  • Art: coming soon


  • Rita Pruitt, Teacher Assistant email:
  • Meagan Knight, Teacher Assistant email:
  • Karen Shiflett, Computer Lab email:
  • Kelly Justice email: coming soon

Pat Hicks, Speech email:
Pam Nickles, School Nurse email: